Prof. Paul Mc Kevitt (UU)

Dr. Tom Lunney (UU)

External Collaboration:

Dr. Julieta Noguez (ITESM-CCM)

Dr. Luis Neri (ITESM-CCM)


An emotional games learning environment

for teaching Physics

PlayPhysics is focused on the key research problems:


  • Achieve the learning goals and support the curriculum
  • Identify the learner's emotional state
  • Select and implement pedagogical, motivational and afinity strategies
  • Express emotion and select suitable media to communicate the teaching message


The aims and objectives of

PlayPhysics are:


  • Creation of affective student model to reason about the learner's emotions
  • Select pedagogical, motivational and emotional strategies that maximise learning, understanding or engagament
  • Enhance Olympia architecture (Muñoz et al., 2009a,b) to incorporate the affective dimension
  • Design, implement and test PlayPhysics, an emotional games learning environment for teaching Physics at undergraduate level


Methodology and evaluation

Olympia architecture